Al-Shabaab Publicly Flogs Unmarried Couple in a Showground near Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardin) – Reports from the Somali capital say Al-Shabaab has publicly flogged a young man and woman for committing fornication in a rural area near the Somali capital, locals have confirmed.

The public flogging has reportedly taken place near Mogadishu after Al-Shabaab’s Banadir regional court sentenced a young man and woman to be whipped 100 times each for fornication.

The sentence was then carried out in a public ground, where many residents have been present to witness the public lashing.

The court judge told attendees at the flogging that the father of Qali Mohamed complained to the court after his daughter was taken by Salim Hassan to Golwayn without parents’ knowledge where they committed Zina (extramarital sex).

Al-Shabaab courts always carryout public floggings and executions against people convicted of crimes against  Sharia Law.

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