Somalia: Mudulood Clan Urges Expulsion of non-AMISOM Troops

Somalia Mudulood conference communique

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) –Somalia’s Mudulood clan has demanded the federal government to hold timely elections following a major conference held in Mogadishu that hosted former presidents, renowned politicians, businesspeople, members of parliament and other esteemed guests.

In a communiqué issued, Somalia’s Mudulood clan called on the federal government to hold elections on time without any delay to save the country from political and security crisis –an issue which has been significantly addressed during the 4 day conference.

A spokesman speaking on behalf of the clan shortly after closing ceremony of a highly organized conference –has read issues agreed during the meeting, pointing out the necessity of holding timely elections to make sure the country treads the right path leading to a peaceful transition of power.

In recent months, thousands of Ethiopian troops have crossed the border into Somalia, making bases in several southern and central regions of the Horn of Africa nation –a move which opposition parties described as having the intent of helping president Farmajo to serve beyond his term and exercise more authoritarian powers, in a country whose system has long been based upon authoritarianism.

In support of opposition statements, Mudulood clan called for the immediate expulsion of non-AMISOM foreign troops based throughout the country that could further destabilize many regions which have been in an already appalling security situation.

The clan has been meeting in Mogadishu since Monday in a venue that brought together Somalia’s former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Ali Mahdi Mohamed, former prime minister Ali Mohamed Geeddi and Mogadishu mayor Omar Filish as well as other renowned figures.

Apart from sending stern warnings to the government, the clan welcomed recent move by the parliament to approve 13 seats allocated for Banadir region that will be shared by clans co-habiting in the region.

Points in the Mudulood communique following conference held in Somalia’s capital

  • Mudulood clan conference urges Somalia’s federal government to hold timely elections to avoid political crisis.
  • The clan demands that AMISOM and the federal government drive out Al-Shabaab from its strongholds in areas inhabited by Mudolood people.
  • The conference warned of deployment of non-AMISOM foreign troops and demanded their immediate expulsion.
  • The clan stresses the existence of atrocities and acts of violence perpetrated through the use of judiciary and security institutions of the country, calling for the government to deal with those issues.
  • The consultative conference welcomed the parliament’s move to allocate 13 seats for Banadir region that will be sat by MPs representing the region in the Upper House of Parliament.

Somalia’s Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud who has been a vocal critic of the current government said it’s too late that election is being discussed now with the incumbents trying to introduce new bills.


“This is not the right time that election bills and establishment of new institutions could be brought to attention, but it is the time to focus on treading the right path leading to a peaceful transition of power,” said former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

“There should not be a political vacuum, but if the current government continues with its current approach it could lead to such an end. The government should focus on issues in which it could gain public support, avoiding political moves that could distract focus from ardently needed development.”

What was behind holding Mudulood conference this time?

Over the past few months, opposition leaders mainly from this clan have been facing growing pressure from the current government which in many instances used force to curtail their influence in the country’s politics.

What made the clan’s politicians so angry was that former president and tycoon Ali Mahdi Mohamed was denied permission was drive on Makka Al Mukarama road in Mogadishu –a move that many deemed was intentionally bolstered by the incumbent leader to put pressure on Mudulood politicians in coming under his orders.

Earlier this year, former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed were barred from boarding a flight to the town of Beledwayne where they wanted to pay a visit on behalf of opposition parties following flush floods that displaced tens of thousands of residents.

As violent acts by the government against opposition leaders from this clan increased, it led to the call for such a conference that is now thought to be paving the way for funds raised to bolster candidates from the clan to get one of them elected in forthcoming elections.

Whether the incumbents are aware of the risk awaiting them or not, this was the first meeting of its kind to be held by any clan in southern Somalia that could pose significant hurdle to efforts by president Farmajo to extend his term.

According to leaders who attended the conference, fundraising will soon be made to bolster support for candidates from the clan in the run-up to upcoming elections.

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