Somalia: Police Seize Record UAE Cash Haul Meant to Sabotage Elections


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A large amount of money from the United Arab Emirates, which was destined for Jubaland administration, has been seized near Somalia’s border with Kenya, Somali Police officials said on Tuesday.

Two men illegally trafficking significant amount of money from the United Arab Emirates destined for Jubaland regional officials were arrested, Police officials claimed.

Chief of Somali police in the town of Balad-hawo on the border with Kenya, speaking to Kulmiye radio on Tuesday, said record cash haul being trafficked by two men had been seized at a border crossing point near the town.

The police official did not tell the amount of money, but pointed out that it would be used to undermine region’s security and upcoming polls.

This comes amid frosty relations between Kenya and Somalia, and as the government of Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo continues deploying more troops to the border.

The United Arab Emirates and Jubaland administration have not yet commented on the allegations, which have come days after Somalia accused Kenya of mobilizing and arming militias to launch cross-border attacks on its army bases.

Djibouti earlier said it was deploying a fact-finding mission to the border between Somalia and Kenya to look into allegations by Somali federal government that the Kenyan Defense forces were mobilizing militias in the town of Mandera and collect information regarding escalation of military activities in the area.

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