Somalia: US Drone Strike on a Residential Area Kills 3 Children

KISMAYO (Somaliguardian) –Three children were killed in a US drone strike in the town of Jilib in the southern Somalia region of Middle Juba.

Missiles fired by unmanned drone rained down on a residential area in the Al-Shabaab controlled agricultural town at 2:00pm local time on Wednesday, killing three children who were playing in front of their home.

The children’s names and ages are identified by local media as follows: a) 8 year-old Abukar Ahmed Mohamed b) 12 year-old Abdisamad Hussein and 13 year-old Abdullahi Mohamed.

AFRICOM has not yet commented on the attack that adds to increasing civilian casualties caused by US military airstrikes in Somalia.

Earlier, rights groups blamed the US military for deliberately bombing civilian targets, but AFRICOM kept on denying that its indiscriminate air bombardments killed civilians, mostly women and children.

Below are photos of children killed in the US airstrike published by local media outlets.

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