BREAKING: Mokhtar Robow plots a prison-break, wants to defect again

(Somaliguardian-Mogadishu)-Mokhtar Robo Ali, a former top ranking official who defected to the government designed a plot to make a prison-break, but the move became unlikely when the government increased guards on his home.

Members of his party speaking to media stressed that Robo was trying to fake a trip to the overseas nations and then travel somewhere inside Somalia, defecting from the government.

Mokhtar Robo was arrested by the government in his run-up for South West regional state’s presidential elections –which touched off unrest in Baydhabo and other cities in the region.

Reliable security sources gave confirmation that Robo was trying to escape while under house arrest and that the government closely monitoring his movements increased security guards around his home.

One security official says that elite security forces have been deployed to guard Robo under house arrest and that they were ordered to shoot him if he resists, trying to escape.

Robo’s party members speaking to media stated that the security guards were very close to shoot him as he tried to argue with them in his bid to get out of the house arrest.

Mokhtar Robo defected from Al-Shabaab, however, the man has been in a government custody for several months following his beleaguered run-up to South West Regional State’s presidential elections –a move the government of president Farmajo was sternly against.

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