Ethiopia supplies military hardware to Somalia’s regional states

(Somaliguardian-Mogadishu)-  The UN Somalia monitoring published a new report, disclosing arms and military hardware sold to the Somalia’s semi-autonomous regional states by Ethiopia –despite partial arms embargo on the country.

The monitoring group stated in its report that the Ethiopian Metals and Engineering Corporation supplied arms and military hardware to all of Somalia’s semi-autonomous regional states in a clandestine process.

The report indicates that although the international governments are allowed to provide weaponry to security institutions of Somalia’s regional states under the UN resolution numbered 2111, Ethiopia was sought to inform the UN monitoring group of the weaponry supplying process.

The Ethiopian government has in the past 3 decades been selling arms and weaponry to Somalia warlords, tribal militiamen and now the regional states to retain its leverage and hegemony over the conflict ravaged nation.

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