HORNCABLE TV Chief Editor Sentenced to Serve a Year Behind Bars

HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) –Abdikadir Osman Asayr (Odey), a journalist who has been detained several months ago in Hargeisa has finally been sentenced to serve a one year prison term.

The journalist was accused of broadcasting the news of a letter of complaint issued by Fly Dubai, UAE Airlines Company about problems its aircraft faced in landing at Egal international airport due to poorly constructed runways.

Abdikadir Odey was also alleged of broadcasting an interview with Sultan Wabar, an armed faction leader who has been against the current regime of Somaliland.

Odey was the Chief Editor of HORNCABLE TV before he and several other colleagues were detained by the Somaliland police.

The regional court of Hargeisa issued the verdict, saying that the journalist pleaded guilty in misleading the public and instigating tensions that could hurt Somaliland’s peace.

In its final verdict, the court sentenced Odey to serve a year behind bars and to pay 3 Million SL shillings in fine.

This is not the first time Somaliland’s authorities sentence a detained journalist. This journalist becomes the latest victim of Somaliland’s corrupt judicial institutions. Other journalists are currently detained in Somaliland prisons.

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