Leaders of Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea to Announce a New Regional Bloc

ASMARA (Somaliguardian) –The leaders of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea proposed the formation of a major Horn of African economic and security bloc after a trilateral meeting in Asmara on Monday, diplomatic sources confirmed.

The proposal was made by Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed, the winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize who continues with efforts to become a regional icon after monumental diplomatic leaps –from embarking on rapprochement with Eritrea -to mobilizing support for regional, multifaceted cooperation on a number of forefronts.

According to sources in both Asmara and Mogadishu as well as Somali diplomats, the three leaders agreed on the proposed formation of the “Horn of Africa Cooperation bloc”, but the leaders have not yet agreed on the number of countries that will become bloc members.

The Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed suggested at the meeting to add 3 other countries in the region to the bloc apart from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

This breaking news has created an outburst of discussions in social media blended with questions over the key beneficiaries of the bloc and how its formation would remove barriers against regional economic and social integration.

Somalia still remains a no-go area that could become a significant hurdle to regional economic and social integration, however, another question also remains about its readiness to participate in this diplomatic arena which hosts countries that know how to exploit and make use of such opportunities.

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