Six Dead as Two Rival ISIS Factions Fight in Somalia’s North


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – At least six ISIS militias have been killed in clashes between two rival factions of the group in a mountainous hideout in the northeastern Bari region in Somalia on Friday.

Fighting between the two rival militias continued for hours with the two sides exchanging heavy gunfire, residents in nearby villages have said, as dispute between the group’s senior commanders risks its eventual collapse.

The split of the group’s militias came several months ago after their leader Abdul Kadir Moumin became ill with what local intelligence officials said was diabetes and is currently on his death bed being unable to receive needed medical treatment.

His poor health has led to contest for power between members of his close associates and other foreign fighters.

Residents living around the Al-miskat range have expressed fears over the renewed confrontations between ISIS militias, who have fewer than 50 fighters mainly from Abdul Kadir Mumin’s clan in the area, according to security officials, though Puntland authorities have not yet made significant efforts to dislodge the militias from the hideout while making use of their split.

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