Nine COVID19 Patients Die in Somalia Due to Lack of Oxygen


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Nine COVID-19 patients have died at a government-run health facility in the capital Mogadishu in the last 24 hours, just days after Somalia reported second wave of the coronavirus.

Medical staff at the federal government-run Martini hospital have told Somaliguardian on Tuesday that nine patients died after the facility had been run out of oxygen. The incident also disrupted health care workers’ efforts to provide emergency medical services to those in need.

The hospital, which began functioning last year after first coronavirus cases had been reported, has since been facing scandals, many of which have been blamed for incompetence and negligence.

It comes after the Somali Ministry of Health said on Monday that it recorded 90 new COVID-19 cases in just 24 hours, the highest single day tally in recent months.

The resurgence of the virus has come as vaccines destined for health care workers – on the frontline of the fight against the contagion – are scheduled to arrive in the country within this month.

The Ministry of Health has called on citizens across the country to step up vigilance and follow health advises so as to prevent potential spread of the coronavirus.

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