Abiy Backs Farmajo’s Reelection, Hedging His Bets on Somalia Elections


GAROWE (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has begun efforts to openly support the reelection of Somalia’s incumbent President Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo who has been in office since early 2017.

The incumbent president is hell-bent on winning a second term in office, facing several renowned politicians, among them former presidents, and his erstwhile close associate and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

With only a few months to go until the country’s presidential elections, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who wields power and influence in the war-torn nation, began advancing Farmajo’s reelection efforts and warned regional leaders in the country not to favor any politician other than the incumbent leader.

 The summoning of Puntland President Saeed Deni to Addis Ababa on 27 October by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is such one example, in the course of which he was ordered to “back Farmajo” in his reelection bid.

Officials with Puntland’s presidency said Mr Deni rebuffed at Abiy’s order despite Ethiopian PM threatening to unseat him if he does not stand by Somalia’s incumbent president in the race to return to office in the upcoming presidential elections.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of being identified, the officials disclosed that Puntland leader departed from Addis Ababa to UAE where he met with Abu Dhabi officials over alarming Ethiopian pressure on the regional leader. Dubai deeply upset by the move pledged to support Puntland and urged Deni’s steadfastness on opposition against President Farmajo.

UAE is one of middle eastern countries particularly interested in Somalia elections, having already made friends with a number of politicians challenging the incumbent president as tentacles of campaign for the upcoming polls have moved, with candidates spending time in overseas trips.

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