Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to Resume Nile Dam Talks


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Foreign ministers of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are due to resume negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam amid African Union efforts aimed at resolving a long-standing dispute.

A new round of talks on the controversial Nile dam will be held in Congo on Saturday after Egypt has set a final timetable for reaching a deal with Ethiopia.

Egypt and Sudan called on Ethiopia to pledge to stop the second filling of the Nile dam before resumption of negotiations and explained their position on the crisis to the United States on Wednesday.

Sudan agreed to participate in the negotiations on Thursday, according to sources quoted by Al-Sharq newspaper after it had been invited as part of last-ditch attempts to bring an end to the tensions over the Ethiopian mega dam.

Arab parliament, which both Sudan and Egypt are members, rejected what it called a “de facto policy” Ethiopia is imposing on the Renaissance Dam talks.

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