Ethiopia Says Eritrea’s Troops in Tigray Will ‘Leave Soon’


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – Eritrean troops in Ethiopia’s Tigray fighting alongside Ethiopian forces in a push to cleanse the region of Tigrayan rebels “will definitely leave soon”, Ethiopian ambassador to the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Taye Atske Selassie Amde, who was attending a discussion held by the UN Security Council, said the Eritrean withdrawal “is a matter of sorting out some technical and procedural issues”.

“Our expectation is that they will definitely leave soon,” he told press after council briefing.

It comes just days after UN agencies said more than 350,000 people in Tigray are suffering famine conditions – the worst manmade disaster the region has witnessed in decades.

UN aid chief Mark Lowcock said, in a private briefing to the 15-member council, that the situation will be getting worse if violence does not stop and Eritrean troops do not leave the region immediately, according to Reuters.

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