Ethiopia’s Tigray Forces Attack Mekelle Ahead of EU Delegation Visit


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – Tigray regional forces have attacked an Ethiopian government logistical operations centre in the capital of the war-hit region of Tigray, journalist Martin Plaut has reported on Wednesday.

An Ethiopian army tank was destroyed in a fighting that broke out following the assault.

The attack came ahead of a visit by European Union delegation to Mekelle, the first visit of its kind by a foreign delegation to the war-torn city since Ethiopian and Eritrean forces launched what the country’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed billed as a “law enforcement” operation late last year.

The town is currently without electricity, with a communications blackout in place and its streets are deserted ahead of the EU diplomats’ trip.

There are reports that US ambassador to Addis Ababa is joining the visit by the European Union delegation, though American diplomats have not yet spoken to media over the trip.

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