Ethiopian Militias Attack Sudanese Agricultural Projects


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopian militias have attacked agricultural projects in the Sudanese lands in Al Fashaqa area, a few days after reports emerged of “dozens” of Ethiopian soldiers killed in clashes with Sudan’s border guards.

A group of heavily armed militias crossed over the border into Sudan and seized, at gunpoint, agricultural machinery during an attack on agricultural settlements on the disputed border.

The agricultural machinery taken by the militias consist of tractors and other agricultural harvesters, Sudanese media has reported on Sunday.

It comes a few days after Sudanese media reported that “dozens” of Ethiopian soldiers had been killed and a number of others wounded in clashes in Malkamo, an agricultural settlement on the disputed border which Sudan’s military had retaken last week.

There is no immediate comment from both the Sudanese and Ethiopian governments, as the border dispute is feared to trigger fresh clashes between the two countries’ armies.

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