Ethiopia’s Tigray Rebels Advance in Afar Region


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – Forces loyal to northern Ethiopia’s war-wrecked ruling party claimed to have captured a number of soldiers, weapons and military vehicles, including tanks in a recent gun battle in neighboring Afar region where they had launched attacks over the weekend as the federal troops continue to mobilize for new conflict.

Photos circulated online show a number of military vehicles, including tanks captured by the rebels and dozens of prisoners. Among the prisoners of war is Colonel Awol Yasin, head of the Ethiopian army’s eastern division.

The confrontations came after Afar region joined the war against the Tigrayan forces and sent troops to fight alongside Ethiopian and Amhara troops, and forces from other regional states.

Over the past days, there has been fear that the rebel forces could cut off a main supply route into Djibouti where more than 90% of Ethiopia’s cargo transits go through.

Ethiopia’s federal government has not immediately commented on the Tigrayan forces’ claims.

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