Ethiopia’s Tigray Forces Beat Back Long-Threatened Offensive, Take Prisoners

Ethiopia Tigray forces

NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – Tigray rebels have beaten back a long-threatened large offensive launched by Ethiopia’s federal troops and allied Amhara forces last week, and has taken a number of prisoners in recent clashes.

Footage distributed by affiliated social media accounts show a number of prisoners captured during recent fighting in Ethiopia’s Amhara region. The prisoners were wearing Ethiopian army uniforms.

Tigrayan rebels paraded more than 6,000 Ethiopian soldiers, captured during the conflict in the region between November and July, in the streets of Mekelle months ago.

TDF also said it had taken armored military vehicles shown in photos released by the group’s fighters.

There are reports that Ethiopian army offensive towards the town of Mersa has failed following TDF counteroffensive in Afar region during which it seized control of Chifra district, which is located near the base of the eastern escarpment of Ethiopian highlands.

Control of Ambassel Mountains’ Chifra point significant victory for TDF,” Well-known Horn of Africa political and security analyst Rashid Abdi said on Sunday. Being in control of the area would help the Tigrayan forces to consolidate gains in Amhara region, resupply troops fighting in Afar region and cut off supply lines for Ethiopian government troops, he added.

Ethiopian government has not immediately commented on the fall of Chifra and renewed rebel offensive in Afar region.

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