Fighting erupts at inauguration of clan chief in Ethiopia’s Somali region, 7 dead

Ethiopia Somali region

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Heavy fighting erupted at the inauguration of a clan chief in Ethiopia’s Somali region on Sunday amid tensions simmering there for weeks between members of the state’s ruling party.

Heavily armed regional Liyu Police members entered the town of Bombas in the district of Gursum in Fafan region, who have stormed an area where the inauguration of a local clan chief was underway, triggering heavy fighting with residents.

At least seven people were killed and many more wounded in a gun battle that raged for hours. Local authorities have not immediately commented on the clashes and casualties sustained by both residents and security forces.

Troops tried to stop the ceremony, for which hundreds of residents and members of a local clan had gathered, before skirmishes broke out.

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