Sudan Shuts Key Border Crossing with Ethiopia


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan closed a key border crossing with Ethiopia after Ethiopian militias kidnapped a senior army officer and three children in the Gallabat area of the state of Al Qadarif on Friday, Sudan Tribune news website reported on Saturday.

The Sudanese army officer, the commander of troops stationed in Gallabat area Captain Bahaa el-Din Youssef was pursuing Ethiopian militias who had abducted children inside Sudanese border before being kidnapped by gunmen. The armed group that carried out the kidnappings crossed from Ethiopia’s Amhara region on Friday.

Ethiopian militias abducted children, aged between 10 and 15 years, in Gallabat border crossing and took them to an unknown area. Over the months, Ethiopian have gunmen kidnapped dozens of Sudanese civilians, demanding ransom for their release.

At least one Sudanese soldier was killed in clashes between troops and Amhara militias in the border area, local media reported on Saturday.

There has been a tense military buildup along the border between Sudan and Ethiopia on Saturday, after authorities in Amhara region sent military reinforcements aboard large personnel carriers equipped with weapons and businesses in towns close to the border have been closed due to fear over clashes.

Both Sudan and Ethiopia’s governments have not immediately commented on the recent developments, which come after the two countries armies agreed last month to defuse tensions over a disputed land along their border

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