Kidnappers Torture Sudanese Commander in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A Sudanese military commander, who had been kidnapped by Amhara militias last week, is in a critical condition after being severely tortured and was found in Shahidi area in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, Sudan Tribune news website reported on Wednesday.

Captain Bahaa El-Din Youssef, commander of Sudanese troops in Gallabat border crossing, was abducted in a cross-border attack by Ethiopian militias and has since been subjected to a severe torture, military sources were quoted as saying by Sudanese local media.

The officials said the mistreatment violates international conventions related to prisoners of war, noting that Sudan treated 68 prisoners of the Ethiopian army captured in clashes over the past months with respect and handed them over to the authorities of their country. The kidnapping and torture of the commander contravened an agreement signed between Sudan and Ethiopia’s armies to calm border tensions, they added.

Amhara forces were planning to transfer the captured Sudanese commander to a military hospital in the town of Gonder, but ongoing clashes in Ethiopia’s north prevented efforts to admit him to a medical facility.

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