South Sudan Reassures Ethiopia that It Will Not Harbor Foes

South Sudan

KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – South Sudan will not cooperate with any armed institution working against the interests of neighboring Ethiopia as Sudan and Egypt continue military drills dubbed “Guardians of the Nile”, South Sudanese army chief said on Saturday.

South Sudanese army chief Santino Deng Wol reassured Ethiopia that Juba will not side with Egypt and Sudan in their bid to mount pressure on Addis Ababa to stop the second filling of the Renaissance Dam during a meeting with Ethiopian ambassador to Juba Nabil Mahdi.

Mr Wol has been quoted by Ethiopian state media as saying “South Sudan will not, in any way, harbor any elements or cooperate with forces working against Ethiopia’s interests”.

South Sudan has been a key ally of Addis Ababa over the past years but geopolitical contest between Ethiopia and Egypt raised fear it might push through a diplomatic U-turn after Cairo had shown growing interest in setting up a military base in South Sudan.

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