Sudan and Ethiopia’s Border Guards Trade Fire


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan and Ethiopia’s border guards have traded artillery fire on the disputed border between the two countries, as both the Sudanese and Ethiopian armies have been pouring reinforcements into the boundary.

Sudanese border guards came under artillery barrage in Abu Teyyour Mountains fired by Ethiopian forces stationed in the Abdel-Rafi area on the other side of the border, Sudanese media reported on Monday.

In response, Sudanese troops fired mortars targeting border posts housing Ethiopian federal troops and Amhara militias.

Casualties on both sides have not been immediately known, but the Sudanese military officials have told local media that there were no casualties on their side.

It comes as tensions continue to simmer between the two countries, with the Ethiopian government saying a third party was behind Sudan’s military creep into “sovereign Ethiopian territory”.

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