Sudan Deploys Fresh Troops to Blue Nile over Ethiopian Attack Fears


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan deployed large numbers of troops and weapons along the Ethiopian border off the Blue Nile region, Al Arabia has reported on Monday.

The deployment has come a day after Sudanese authorities accused Ethiopia of arming a rebel group in the region, in an effort to launch joint cross-border attacks aimed to capture Sudanese cities.

Military officials who spoke to media were quoted as saying that the Ethiopian government had deployed artillery batteries to the border area to help possible offensive on the Sudanese Blue Nile region.

The allegation, which Ethiopia has not immediately commented on, comes after Sudanese border guards seized large weapons haul allegedly destined for the Blue Nile on Sunday.

Tensions between the two countries have spiraled out of control and Sudanese forces continue military operations aimed to retake lands in a disputed area of the border with Ethiopia’s north.

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