Sudan retakes disputed border areas in ground and air offensive against Ethiopia’s army


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – Sudan’s military seized control of disputed border towns in ground and air offensive against Ethiopia’s army and allied militias, destroying military vehicles and a base, Sudan Tribune reported on Tuesday.

Sudanese forces recaptured the contested border settlements of Barkhat and Jabal Kala al-Laban in the Fashaqa border area following clashes and intense artillery bombardments hitting Ethiopian army positions there.

Ethiopian and Sudanese military officials told Reuters news agency that there were heavy artillery bombardment and air strikes, though both sides did not give further details.

The developments came after Sudan’s military accused Ethiopian army of executing 7 Sudanese soldiers and a civilian kidnapped in the contested border area. Ethiopia denied the allegation and instead blamed a local militia on the killings.

A picture shared by Sudan Tribune showed charred remains of tens of vehicles including military pickup trucks. The newspaper purported that the vehicles were belonging to the Ethiopian army and were destroyed by Sudanese forces. Somaliguardian has not been able to verify the report independently.

Sudan filed a complaint with the United Nations and the African Union about the execution of its soldiers by the Ethiopian military, urging an immediate action against Addis Ababa.

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