Sudan Retakes Strategic Areas on Disputed Border with Ethiopia


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Following fierce confrontations with Ethiopian militias on Sunday, Sudanese troops recovered lands in the Al-Fashaqa Al-Kubra area in the state of Gederaref in the east of the country, local media has reported on Monday.

Sudanese army and reserve forces launched a military operation against Amhara militia positions on Sunday morning, resulting in fierce clashes which continued throughout Sunday. The operation has seen the “defeat” of Ethiopian militias, who have been driven out of Needra and Phalanx agricultural settlements, Sudan Tribune newspaper reported quoting military sources.

The sources added that the militias have crossed over into the Ethiopian border and Sudanese forces have subsequently set up a camp and a fulcrum in the Hassan Kurdi settlement off the border with Ethiopia, while the militia pursuit is still going on.

According to sources who have spoken to Russia Today, Sunday’s fighting enabled Sudanese forces to regain full control over the agricultural areas in the Fashaqah Al-Kubra, months after Ethiopian militias captured an area of 30 thousand acres of land to support and empower Ethiopian farmers in harvesting maize mainly grown in Sudanese lands.

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