Sudan’s Military Retakes Strategic Areas on Disputed Border with Ethiopia


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan’s military has regained control of 5 new agricultural settlements following fierce clashes with Ethiopian militias on the disputed Al-Fashaqa triangle, Qatari state-affiliated Al-Sharq Newspaper reported on Saturday.

The new areas which have fallen to the Sudanese forces are between the Tumat Al-Lakdi and East Al-Alaw in the Al-Fashaqa Al-Kubra region.

“The Sudanese armed forces also regained control over 9 areas that had been named after Ethiopian names [including] Shweit, Halaka Haftu, Salih Makannan, Yamani, Gebarta and Tesfai,” military sources quoted by Al-Sharq said.

Some of the areas the sources confirmed to have been recaptured were taken by Sudanese forces on Wednesday but there are five new agricultural settlements from which Ethiopian militias have been driven out after decades of being under their occupation.

On Friday, a senior Sudanese official told press that his government will not cede an inch of the territory recaptured from Ethiopian troops and allied militias.

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