Sudan Says 84 Soldiers Killed in Battles to Retake Land from Ethiopia


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – The head of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan said 84 members of the army lost their lives during military operations aimed at retaking disputed land along the border with Ethiopia from allied Ethiopian forces and Amhara militias.

Sudan’s army deployed thousands of troops in the disputed Fashaqa triangle in November of last year and has since continued a military offensive, managing to recapture about two million acres of fertile agricultural areas that had earlier been occupied by Ethiopian militias.

Addressing members of the army’s 6th Division, Al-Burhan said “the army will remain being the country’s safety valve and is fully prepared to protect its borders, as it provided 84 martyrs during the operation to recover Al-Fashaqa”.

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