Sudan Says Eritrea Amassed Troops on Border with Ethiopia


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan said on Tuesday it had received information over the presence of Eritrean troops on the disputed border with Ethiopia, as tensions continue to escalate between the two neighboring countries.

Yasser Al-Atta, a member of the Sudanese Sovereign Council told Al Arabia that they had received information from Ethiopian sources regarding the presence of Eritrean forces wearing Ethiopian army uniform among thousands of Ethiopian troops on the disputed Fashaqa triangle.

“We do not target civilians, but the shofta gangs [Ethiopian militias] that enter and loot Sudanese villages,” Yasser Al Atta said, adding that the army had retaken a number of villages from the militias.

Asked about the disputed Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Al Atta raised fear it will pose a significant threat to the Sudanese national security.

“If the administration of the Renaissance Dam is not controlled by Sudanese observers, the dam will be affected and threaten the Sudanese national security,” he added.

Following Ethiopian demands over Sudan troop pullout from the disputed border before talks could begin, the Sudanese official reiterated that the army will not retreat an inch of the territory recovered in recent operations.

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