Sudan to Hand over Prisoners of War to Ethiopia


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan will hand over Ethiopian prisoners of war to the government of their country on Monday, Sudanese military sources told several Arab media outlets on Saturday.

About 50 Ethiopian prisoners “were captured during battles and ambushes, along the border strip between Sudan and Ethiopia, in the Gallabat border area” according to Sudanese military officials.

Military officials denied reports that Sudanese prisoners are being held in Ethiopia and reiterated that the handover process is an initiative launched by Sudan’s army.

“The step demonstrates Khartoum’s good intentions, and the absence of any hostile approach towards Addis Ababa,” Sudanese military officials say, adding: “Ethiopia handed over 9 prisoners to Sudan earlier, but it did not hand over prisoners’ cars and equipment, so far.”

The reports emerge as border tensions between the two countries remain unresolved.

Sudanese forces repelled an attack by Ethiopian military in a disputed land in the Fashaqa Al-Kubra area on Saturday.

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