Sudan’s Military kills ‘Dozens’ of Ethiopian Soldiers, Captures Others


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan’s army regained control of an Ethiopian settlement inside the Sudanese border following clashes with Ethiopian forces and militias in Al-Fasha Al-Saghra on Thursday, which resulted in casualties on both sides.

Military sources told the Sudan Tribune website that the army managed to regain control of Malakamo settlement occupied by Ethiopian forces, which is located in Al-Fasha Al-Saghra, close to the border with Ethiopia’s Amhara region.

One Sudanese soldier was killed and 8 others wounded in the clashes, according to military sources.

Sudanese officials told local media that “dozens” of Ethiopian army personnel had been killed while others had been “captured” during fighting on the disputed border on Thursday.

The Sudanese forces had regained the same settlement late last year when clashes on the disputed border intensified and left the area after the expulsion of the Ethiopian forces, but the Ethiopians later returned again and remained in Malakamo until the Sudanese army retook it again on Thursday.

Malakamo settlement is located inside Sudanese territory, east of Birkat Nooreen, on the side of the Atbara River, about 8 km from the Ethiopian border.

Ethiopia has not immediately commented on the fighting and the Sudanese army claims.

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