Sudan’s Military Repels Ethiopian Attack For Second Time In A Week

Sudanese troops

KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan’s military repelled an attack launched by Ethiopian federal troops bolstered by Amhara militia in a border area on Wednesday, the second within a week as tensions continue to simmer between the neighboring countries.

The Ethiopian forces and Amhara militia launched an attack with heavy artillery inside Sudanese territory at dawn on Wednesday,” a military source was quoted as saying by Sudan Tribune.

The new attack targeted the Taya and Shai Bet camp in Basanda locality on the disputed shared border between the two countries, the source added, noting that there were no casualties on the side of Sudanese troops and local civilians.

It comes days after 51 Sudanese soldiers were killed and wounded in a similar attack on military bases in a border area on Saturday.

Ethiopian army amassed large number of troops in the border area adjucent to the localities of Al-Quraisha and Basanda near the settlement of Melkamo, where clashes reached on Saturday, according to Sudan Tribune.

The fresh Ethiopian reinforcements arrived in the border area on Tuesday onboard 13 troop carrier vehicles.

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