Massive Military Buildup Along Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan Border

Ethiopia Sudan conflict

KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Tensions continue to simmer along the border between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan amid massive military buildup, just days after deadly confrontations took place at the Gallabat border crossing, Sudan Tribune news website reported on Monday.

Sudan closed a key border crossing with Ethiopia on Saturday after Amhara militias kidnapped a senior military officer and three children in an attack in the village of Gallabat in Gedaref state.

All of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan’s armies sent additional forces to an area where borders of the three countries meet, in what residents in the area fear could lead to the clashes.

Eritrea has moved hundreds of fresh troops to Al-Dima area of the Kassala state and deployed heavy weapons to the area adjecent to Ethiopia’s Tigray region and Sudan’s Al-Fashaqa triangle.

It came as Sudanese and Ethiopian officials were expected to meet on Monday to discuss efforts to calm the situation, but there has so far been no information about the outcome of the talks.

A Sudanese soldier was killed in gunfight with Amhara militias in the border area on Friday as troops searching for fighters who had kidnapped local children were ambushed.

Meanwhile, the areas of Shahidi and Jalqa in a territory controlled by Ethiopian Amhara region close to Sudan’s border saw heavy clashes over the past days after Tigrayan rebels advanced into the area.

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