Three killed in Kenya jihadist attack


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – At least three people were killed and property destroyed after Al-Shabaab militants carried out an attack in northeastern Kenya’s Mandera County, Nation Africa reported on Friday.

The militants reportedly split into four groups targeting at least four areas.

The insurgents first attacked Irusuki, damaging a telecommunications mast, while the second group attacked a Quick Response Unit (QRU) in Jabibar area.

A third group laid a siege at Kenya Defense Forces camp in Elwak, in an attempt to ensure that the soldiers remained in their camp.

The fourth group of the attackers stormed a police station in Wargadud area, killing two police officers and a teacher who lived there. The assailants torched several vehicles parked at the station and hijacked a police car.

Al-Qaeda-aligned militant group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying it inflicted losses on Kenyan security forces and seized vehicles.

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