Turkey Signs Military Agreement with Turkey amid Tirgay Conflict

Turkey Ethiopia

ANKARA (Somaliguardian) – Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday oversaw the signing military of agreements, including a military financial cooperation deal whose details have not been immediately available.

It comes after Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed was received by Turkish president on Wednesday during a state visit to Turkey after receiving an official invitation from Erdoğan.


Following the signing of the military agreements, Erdoğan told visiting Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed that the war-wrecked country’s “peace and integrity is important to us”.

Turkish president called for a peaceful resolution to Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict that has forced tens of thousands of people out to flee their neighborhoods and left millions hungry. He also said Ankara was willing to lead mediation between Ethiopia and Sudan to bring an end to tensions over a separate border dispute.

If the situation deteriorates, all countries in the region will be affected,” Erdoğan told a joint media appearance with Abiy.

The military cooperation agreement has come amid reports that Ethiopia was seeking to get Turkish drones to help quell the Tigrayan forces, who are now pressing further into neighboring Amhara region.

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