Turkish President Speaks over Phone with Ethiopian PM

Turkish president

ANKARA (Somaliguardian) – Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan discussed bilateral relations with Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed in a phone call, presidential communications office said in a statement on Sunday, as months-long conflict in the Horn of Africa nation continues to expand despite growing calls for ceasefire.

It comes a day after French president Emmanuel Macron called for talks between the Ethiopian government and Tigray rebels to end hostilities in the war-hit northern region. Kenyan president made a similiar plea a day earlier, favoring “dialogue” to bring an end to the war raging in the country and raised concerns about the escalating tensions in the conflict-torn nation.

During the phone call, the two leaders discussed a number of key issues, including mutual relations and the situation in Ethiopia and the wider Horn of Africa region.

Turkish leader said his government values Ethiopia’s peace and stability, and is now ready to provide needed assistance to ensure it as the Ethiopian troops along with those of a number of regional states mobilize for a new showdown with the Tigrayan forces.

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