US CENTCOM Chief Says Ethiopia Dam Dispute is ‘Very Concerning’


CAIRO (Somaliguardian) – A heightened dispute between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over a mega dam Addis Ababa is building on the Blue Nile River is “very concerning”, US Central Command (CENTOM) chief said on Friday.

In an interview with Nile News TV channel, Gen Kenneth F. McKenzie said the US will exert more efforts in dialing down escalating tensions in the region, just days after the Arab League called for UN Security Council intervention over the dispute following deadlocked African Union-sponsored talks.

“The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam or the GERD as we call it, is very concerning to us. We recognize the unique importance of the Nile to Egypt, not only culturally but also for supply and for the general economy overall,” US CENTCOM chief Gen Kenneth F. McKenzie said.

“We gonna continue to work to find a solution to it [dispute over the GERD], that will be acceptable to Egypt and everyone else involved, but again Egypt is showing real leadership in this area.”

The American military official praised Egypt for exercising restraint and its attempts to reach a diplomatic and political solution to bring an end to the Renaissance Dam crisis.

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