US Congressman Calls for Military Action to End Ethiopia, Eritrea Blockade on Tigray


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – As conflict in Ethiopia continues to expand and human rights atrocities show no sign of abating, a congressman Brad Sherman called for military action against Ethiopia and Eritrea to end their blockade on Tigray region.

I’m reluctant to expose American armed forces to risk their safety at any time,” Sherman said during a House Foreign Affairs Committee this week. “But the American Navy Could interrupt Eritrean commerce on the high seas at any time and it would certainly be just to do so – as long as Eritrea blockades humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray.”

It comes after Ethiopia’s military has begun air strikes targeting the capital of the northern region of Tigray over the past days in which a number of civilians have been reported dead and dozens of others wounded.

The United Nations said on Friday it had suspended all flights to Tigray capital after government air strikes forced a humanitarian flight carrying 11 passengers to abort landing Mekelle, where millions of people are facing starvation.

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