Al-Shabaab Leader Calls for Attacks in Djibouti


DJIBOUTI (Somaliguardian) – Leader of Somalia-based militant group Al-Shabaab, Abu Obeyda, has called for attacks on US and French military bases in Djibouti as the country’s April 9 election date nears.

In an audio message, the Islamist leader called on citizens in the tiny Horn of Africa nation to work on toppling president Ismail Omar Gele, whom he accused of ruling the country “on behalf” of foreign nations.

He offered military support for Djiboutians to be able to defeat Geele’s feared security forces and trainings for local youths if they arrive in South Somalia’s Al-Shabaab strongholds.

Djibouti has thousands of troops in Somalia fighting Al-Shabaab to bolster western-backed federal government based in Mogadishu.

The audio message which has come just a few weeks before the country’s presidential election, Al-Shabaab leader urged Djiboutian citizens to carry out attacks on US and French military bases in retaliation for “air strikes against Muslim civilians” in Yemen and Somalia, and France’s insults against Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

Abu Obeyda described Ismail Omar Geele as a corrupt leader who handed over the country’s revenue earning sectors to his own companies, exiled intellectuals and failed in taking the poor country forward.

Djibouti has not immediately commented on the remarks, which have come just a few months after president Ismail Omar Geele warned that Al-Shabaab was able to control Somalia’s upcoming elections.

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