Al-Shabaab Praises Recent Attacks in France Triggered by Macron’s Statements


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab militant group based in Somalia praised recent attacks in France triggered by the French President Emmanuel Macron’s insulting statements of Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

In a statement, Al-Shabaab leadership sent congratulations to the Muslim youths who carried out attacks in France “in defense of our beloved Prophet Muhammad”.

The Islamist group also commended protests that rocked the Muslim world in recent weeks against Macron’s insulting statements of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, and caricatures depicting him which have later been projected on French government buildings.

“In the midst of global war against Islam and in light of the recent defamations of our beloved Prophet, Muslim populations across the globe continue to shake the world with their glorious feats and heroic attacks in defense of the greatest human to ever walk the earth, Prophet Muhammad,” the statement reads, adding that the Muslim world has shown it’s a nation which “refuses to succumb to oppression, that will never abandon seeking vengeance and that insulting its Prophet is a crime that bears dire consequences.”

On the recent attacks in several French cities following Macron’s defense for caricatures depicting the Prophet, Al-Shabaab praised the lone wolf youths who it said “acted upon the noble teachings of the Quran and tread the path of the noble companions in dealing with those who malign our religion and dishonor our Prophet Muhammad”.

“Praised be such a courageous nation and praised be all those who defend the honor of one sent as a mercy to mankind, our leader Muhammad. At the forefront of these honorable men who have taken the lion’s share in protecting the honor of our Prophet Muhammad are the gallant knights of the recent French attacks who have kindled the flames of courage and glory in the spirit of Ummah and soothed their hearts by beheading those who insulted Prophet Muhammad,” the statement added.

Somalia based militant group also advised Muslims across the world to follow the “the footsteps of the noble companions” in defense of the Prophet’s honor and emulate the examples of the youths who carried out recent French attacks sparked Macron’s statements.

The group described the US-led war on terror as “a war between faith and disbelief”, calling upon Muslims not to be misled by the terminologies of freedom and liberalism which it says are “disguise intended to conceal sinister plots of the crusaders”.

Somali government and Somaliland authorities also reacted over French President’s insulting statements of Islam and Prophet Muhammad and called for France to distinguish between freedom of expression and defamations against Prophet.

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