DRC President Calls for Immediate End to Nile Dam Crisis


KINSHASA (Somaliguardian) – President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Felix Tshisekedi, whose country is hosting talks between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on a controversial dam on the Blue Nile, said a solution must be found to the dispute.

“A solution must be found to the Renaissance Dam crisis within the African Union,” Tshisekedi said.

It comes after talks restarted in Congo’s capital, Kinshasa on Sunday under the auspices of the African Union.

The foreign ministers of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan are attending the summit in last-ditch efforts by the African Union to break the deadlock over the mega dam the Ethiopian government is constructing on the Nile River.

Sudan told African Union mediators that it would not accept Ethiopia to proceed with the second filling of the dam without an agreement.

“The states concerned with the Renaissance Dam must take into account the human dimension and achieve the interests of the people,” Congolese president added.

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