Eritrea: Missile Strikes Hit Asmara after Tigray Threatened Attacks


ASMARA (Somaliguardian) – Several missiles have hit the Eritrean capital, Asmara on Saturday evening hours after Ethiopia’s Tigray authorities threatened they would target the country for helping Abiy’s push against them.

Residents in the city say they heard loud explosions despite no casualties still known.

The city’s airport and the Ministry of Information headquarters have been targeted, according to residents.

One of the missiles reportedly fell inside Sembel residential complex in the southwest of Asmara, which is home to over 1,200 families.

Blackout has been reported in many parts of Eritrea’s capital, with some residents fleeing urban areas due to fear of being hit by missiles.

The attack has come after Ethiopia’s Tigray leaders threatened they would target Eritrea in a statement broadcast on local television early on Saturday.

On Friday, missile strikes targeted Gondar airport in Amhara state, which neighbors Tigray region. The airport was heavily damaged by what government called rocket fire and Tigray leaders say the attack was in retaliation for recent air strikes by Abiy’s administration on the northern region.

Sources close to the Eritrean government say that missile strikes had missed their targets and denied that the capital Asmara had been hit.

Ethiopia’s Tigray leader had earlier accused Eritrea of sending its troops over the border and attacking regional forces via Humera, a city that has recently been subject to an intense Ethiopian air strikes and ground military operations.

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