Eritrean Helicopter Shot down in Ethiopia’s Tigray, claims TPLF


ADDIS ABABA (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopia’s Tigray forces have claimed shooting down an Eritrean attack helicopter in the embattled northern Ethiopian region on Tuesday, where clashes have been reportedly taking place.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) said it fighters had shot down an Eritrean Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter near the town of Rama after flying from Adi Berak.

Allied Ethiopian and Eritrean forces, and Amhara militias drove the rebel group from most of the major cities in Tigray, including the region’s capital Mekelle during an offensive in November last year.

Tigray forces claimed ambushing a convoy between 8 and 9 Ural trucks transporting troops from Adwa via Rama to Eritrea, destroying 6 trucks at De’aro Teklo.

Eritrean and Ethiopian governments have not immediately commented on the claims.

It has been hard to verify claims made by the warring sides in Tigray due to communications blackout still in place in most of the northern Ethiopian region and journalists barred from entering the region.

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