Ethiopia Amasses Forces in Tigray as War Looks Set to Intensify


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopia’s federal government and Amhara regional authorities continue to amass large number of troops in Tigray region, weeks after rebels announced they were back in control of the embattled northern region’s capital, Mekelle and other key cities.

It comes after Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed signaled an end to a unilateral ceasefire declared by his government after troops had withdrawn from the northern region, a move Tigrayan forces mocked as a “joke”.

Tigray forces seized control of Alamata, the main town in southern Tigray and advanced into a number of small towns and a bridge over the Tekeze River, which had earlier been damaged by Amhara forces to halt advancing Tigray Defense Forces.

Amhara regional forces have been mobilizing for war over the past weeks and tens of thousands of volunteers have joined their ranks. Regional authorities vowed to go on the offensive in Tigray region to quell the advancing regional forces who are pressing south and west to reclaim areas under the control of opposing forces.

Large number of troops from Oromia and Sidama states was heading to Tigray region to reinforce Amhara and Ethiopia’s federal troops ahead of a feared battle, a weeks after Abiy’s administration lost key towns in the country’s north, Addis Standard reported on Wednesday.

Earlier, Tigray forces said they would keep fighting until pre-war borders of the northern region are restored amid fear over a new bloodbath and ferocious battle that could send thousands of new refugees to neighboring Sudan.

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