Ethiopia Blames ‘Third Party’ for Sudan’s Capture of Land on Disputed Border


ADDIS ABABA (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopia has called on Sudan to avoid “trap” set by a third party that wants to lead it to war and get ready to resolve the border dispute with Ethiopia through negotiations.

Ethiopian army chief of staff Birhanu Jula, briefing press on Wednesday, recalled Ethiopia and Sudan’s longstanding friendship and accused Sudanese troops of entering “sovereign Ethiopian territories” during the recent military offensive in Tigray region.

Mr Jula said there was a “third party” behind Sudan’s military creep into “sovereign Ethiopian territories” but did not mention specific country that was pushing the Sudanese military to cross into territories claimed by Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian army chief of staff reiterated that border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan is not new, and had earlier been resolved peacefully, adding that the row been exacerbated this time due to the involvement of a third party.

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