Ethiopia Carries out Military Operation Supported by Helicopters in Sudan


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopia’s army carried out a military operation supported by helicopters inside Sudan’s border, during which it looted 250 head of cattle and killed a Sudanese citizen on Friday, Al-Sayha Newspaper has reported on Saturday.

The operation was carried out with four-wheel drive vehicles under the vertical air cover of the Ethiopian army helicopter gunships and targeted Hillat Khater area inside Sudan’s border. There have been no reports of clashes in the area between the Sudanese forces and Ethiopian troops.

According to Al-Sayha, the Ethiopian troops who had launched the raid returned to their border positions.

Both Sudan and Ethiopia have not immediately commented on the attack.

The assault took place in Hillat Khater, which is located near the Qallabat village in Sudan’s Qadarif region near the disputed border area.

More recently, there have been clashes between Ethiopian and Sudanese armies on the fertile Fashaqa triangle despite international calls for calming the situation.

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