Ethiopia Refuses to Halt GERD’s Second Filling amid Congo Talks


NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopia has refused to halt the second filling of the Renaissance Dam as African Union-led talks in Congo’s capital, Kinshasa fail to break deadlock over a long-standing dispute.

Journalists in Kinshasa, who are covering reports of the conference, say Ethiopia is exerting major efforts in disrupting the negotiations until the date of the second filling.

Ethiopian government had earlier said it would continue the filling which will be complete within a few months time.

Sources quoted by Al-Arabia said Ethiopia is working to impose a fait accompli policy on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, though Egypt and Sudan are pressing Addis Ababa to stop the second filling of the Nile dam.

Talks ended without results in Kinshasa on Sunday after the foreign ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan failed to reach an agreement on negotiation methods.

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