Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in Clashes with Sudanese Forces


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – A number of Ethiopian soldiers and armed militias were killed during clashes with Sudanese forces on the disputed Fashaqa border area on Monday night, Al-Sharq News has reported on Tuesday.

Sudanese military sources told the website that Ethiopian federal troops and allied Amhara militias launched an attack on Sudanese army border posts on Monday night, hours after Sudan’s military claimed retaking full control of Fashaqa Al-Kubra border area.

A number of Ethiopian soldiers and Amhara militias were killed in an ensuing gun battle, the sources said.

It comes, a day after Sudan Tribune newspaper quoted military sources as saying that the area of Fashaqa Al-Kubra in the state of Gedaref on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border witnessed fierce confrontations between Sudanese army and armed Ethiopian groups.

Russia Today reported on Monday that Sudanese armed forces had regained full control of the Fashaqa Al-Kubra following ferocious gun battle with Ethiopian militias on Sunday, after which the militia groups fled to the border with Ethiopia.

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