Ethiopia’s Tigray Forces Claim Killing 245 Soldiers


ADDIS ABABA (Somaliguardian) – Ethiopia’s Tigray rebels said on Saturday that they killed 245 Ethiopian soldiers following a fierce fighting as attacks targeting allied forces in the restive northern Ethiopian region have recently increased.

In a statement on affiliated social media accounts, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) claimed killing “245 enemy soldiers” near Adi Goshu town. It noted that 180 of the soldiers had been earlier involved in the killing of 16 local youths in the town.

There were reports on Saturday that TPLF forces ambushed Ethiopian military convoy near Adi Goshu.

Media has been unable to verify the claims due to an internet blackout still in place and journalists denied access to the region.

Ethiopian government has not immediately commented on the claims.

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