Family Identifies Somali Man Killed by Minneapolis Police


MINNIEAPOLIS (Somaliguardian) – A young Somali man who was killed by police in the US city of Minneapolis on Wednesday night has been identified by a man who says he is the victim’s father as 23-year old Dolal Bayle.

Shooting occurred on Wednesday evening while officers were engaged in a traffic stop with a felony suspect at a gas station near East 36th Street and Cedar Avenue at about 6:15 pm, Minneapolis Police Department said.

The incident took place less than a mile away from the area where Minneapolis police had killed another black man George Floyd in May.

Police claim that the young man fired first but his father disputes the narrative, saying that his son was “sitting inside his car” when officers shot him several times.

Minneapolis police have not yet released the victim’s identity but promised to share with public a video footage showing what led to the shooting on Wednesday.

The victim’s father told media he was upset about how police treated his family after entering their home overnight with search warrants shortly after the killing.

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