Farmajo Planning to Rule Somalia by Force: Puntland President


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s leader Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, whose term expired weeks ago, is planning to rule Somalia by force, leader of the northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland Saed Deni said on Sunday, raising fears that the Horn of Africa country might slide back into a civil war.

In a keynote speech at the region’s capital, Garowe, Deni accused the Somali leader of reneging on previous electoral agreements and using different tactics to torpedo efforts aimed at resolving tensions over delayed elections.

After the collapse of recent talks in the town of Dhusamareb, there have been allegations that Farmajo insisted that his home town, Garbaharey in Gedo region remain under his control, prompting anger and walkout from the conference.

Puntland president said there was no difference between Al-Shabaab, the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia and Farmajo, and disclosed that the Somali leader had earlier told him of his intention to use armed force in a bid to cling to power.

“Should we fear Al-Shabaab or Villa Somalia [Somalia presidential palace], because the tactics they use have no difference, we are in danger every time,” Puntland leader said.

Saed Deni urged Somalis to confront dictatorship in concert to prevent the country from plunging into a civil war.

“When we were paying visit to Mogadishu, Farmajo rebuked me and Ahmed Madobe [Jubaland leader] for meeting with politicians and traditional leaders who come from Hawiye tribe,” Deni noted during his speech, adding that the Somali leader said he had confidence in his troops and that “crying Hawiye” politicians and elders could not quell his efforts to stay in power beyond his term.

Jubaland and Puntland leaders, who have been in a heated dispute with Farmajo, had fears of being poisoned by the Somali government during their visit to Mogadishu, according to Saeed Deni’s speech.

Somali federal government has not immediately commented on the remarks, which allegedly reveal Farmajo’s intentions to stay in power after his term ended, while efforts to hold elections have yet to gather pace.

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